Our journey began with a shared frustration and a determination to shift the culture of hair care. Recognizing the clear absence of black hair care, particularly for locs, in traditional cosmetology schools, we saw the devastating impact on our community—an epidemic of hair loss fueled by a lack of knowledge and proper at-home care. This void in education sparked a mission to fill the gap.

Our founder, Jocelyn Reneé, driven by a passion for holistic well-being, embarked on a journey to empower people of color with simplified hair care solutions that make healthy hair accessible. It's not just about hair; it's about elevating the standard of care and celebrating the unique beauty of locs for people of color.
jocelyn renee teaching a class


  • Jasmine R.

    "I wanted to cut my locs and start over, however you provided me with the tools and encouragement to find beauty in my unique journey and continue on."

  • Celeste F.

    "Watching your you tube channel and being a part of the community has helped me gain a better understanding of how to care for my locs and me. Before following you I struggled with drinking water, retwisting my hair, and know which products were best to use. I’ve leaned so much and appreciate all of the insight you’ve given me. My once thin hair has turned the corner and grown in to a beautiful set of locs im proud of thanks to your guidance."

  • Calia C.

    "I have only had my locs for 7 months, so you have been an extremely useful and vital part to my journey (from the start) and me continuously learning!... Thanks to you, I got some gorgeous looking locs that always receive compliments and a healthy scalp."


We host a workshop every month, either virtually or in-person, and we would love for you to join us!
Visit our event page to learn more and register for the next event.


Our Crown Elements® hair care line is specially formulated for locs to strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp using the highest-quality botanical ingredients that are safe and effective for your hair.


Through sharing community stories and personal experiences our blog empowers the community with insight and an understanding of how to cultivate healthy locs at home.